Award of Merit Criteria


This award was established in 1989 to recognize the individuals who have contributed to the preservation of Slovenian arts and culture.  The criteria for the Award of Merit is as follows:


                    1.   The recipient shall be of Slovenian ancestry.


                    2.   The recipient shall be involved in Slovenian arts and culture.


                    3.   The recipient must be present at the award ceremony to receive the award.



Both local and national individuals may be considered. 

The award will be presented in conjunction with a Slovenian Arts Council event.

The Awards Committee will consider potential recipients annually although awards need not be given annually.


Decisions on recipients will be made by the Awards Committee and presented to the Council for its approval.  Recommendations will be made far enough in advance to allow the designated recipients to accommodate their schedule or for the Council to accommodate its schedule.


In addition to honoring recipients, it is hoped that the award will draw attention to the contribution of Slovenian arts and culture to our community and our nation.



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