History of Slovenian Arts Program


Purpose of the UWM Slovenian Arts Council:

To plan and implement programs of Slovenian Arts, Artifacts, Dance, Literature, Music, and Theatre that preserve the Slovenian ethnic heritage.


     October.....Slovenian Genealogy presented by Jeffrey Bockman at the Greenfield Public Library
     November...Holiday Folk Fair with the theme, "Celebrate the Culture of Language"




    February...France Prešeren or Day of Culture held at the West Allis Library  "Slovenian Potpourri"
    November....Holiday Folk Fair, theme, "Celebrate the Culture of Diversity"


     February....Day of Culture celebrated at the Village of Manor Park, presentation by Mr. Joe Valencic, "Slovenians in American Culture"
     March....Between Two Worlds with the Master Singers of Milwaukee and guest conductor Ms. Podpečan from Slovenija
     April....Power point presentation on the regions of Slovenia by Dolores Ivanchich and Helen Frohna at Clement Manor, Center for Entertainment
     July....Bus trip to Old Mill Creek, IL the Tempel Farm to see the Lippizaner horses

     November....Holiday Folk Fair, theme, "Celebrate the Culture of Welcome"  Receiving the "Best Artistic Award" thanks to Nancy Reese



   February....Day of Culture at Meyers Restaurant
    April.....Evening of music and dance with the Zbor Spendov Men's group and Zadnja Kaplja from Lemont, IL
    November.....Holiday Folk Fair at West Allis State Fair


February...Day of Culture held at the Cork'n Cleaver Restaurant
Lecture by Dr. Peter Krečič, Slovenian architect at the UWM School of Architecture and Urban Planning
    October.....Fall Friends event held at UWM's Golda Meir Library



    February....Slovenian Day of Culture held at Meyer's Restaurant   

    Slovenian language class with instructor Milly Mursec was held on Monday evenings in March and September.

    April.....Hosting of the Slovenian quartet Navihanke  performance at the polish Cultural center.

    September....Sponsorship of the creation and premiere of the Identita play at Windfall Theater, downtown Milwaukee .  

    October....Afternoon of Slovenian Fine Arts, performances by local Slovenian students held at the UWM Golda Meir Library. 



    Slovenian language class with instructor Milly Mursec resumed and continued on Mondays in March through April.

    07-08-13... MaryCay Freiberg gave a presentation on Slovenia:  Its History and Culture  for the Leisure Timers Program at West Allis Library.



    02-04-12...France Prešeren/Day of Culture National Holiday held at West Allis Public Library

    04-26-12...Slovenian Sing-A-Long with accordionist Ed Vidmar at the American Legion Post, 92nd & West Beloit Road.

    10-1-12...Slovenian language class was offered the first four Mondays in October.  Milly Mursec, language consultant for the Council, instructor.



    02-05-11..."Prešeren Day" Celebrations

    03-20-11   "Prešeren Day" Celebrations

    04-03-11..."Melodies of Slovenia" presented by Dolores Ivanchich and Tony Gorenc

    06-18-11...West Allis Mayor proclaims June 18 as Slovenian Day in West Allis

    06-18-11...Perpetuum Jazzile concert at Zelazo Center Concert Hall



    02-06-10...Celebrate France Prešeren program at West Allis Library

    07-31-10...Tour of Frank Murn’s Prairie Home and 165 acres in Mukwanago, WI

    08-19-10...Slovenian Sing-A-Long at West Allis Library

    10-22-10…”The Singing Slovenes” from Minnesota Program at St. John the Evangelist Church Hall



    07-15-09...Slovenian Sing-A-Long at West Allis Library

    10-24-09...Fantje na vasi choral group performance from Ohio at UWM Zelazo Performing Arts Center



    04-13-08...Musical Afternoon with the Jeff Pecon Band from Cleveland, Ohio, at American-Serb Hall

    09-26-08...Slovenian Day in West Allis



    04-14-07...Award or Merit presented to Cecilia Dolgan, of Cleveland, Ohio, director of the Slovenian Junior Chorus, at their concert at UWM Zalazo Center for the Performing Arts

    06-17-07...Slovenian Sing-A-Long at West Allis Library

    06-26-07...Authors of children books from Slovenia at UWM Library And West Allis Library



    02-11-06...Dr. Zvone Žigon, Consul General from Slovenia stationed at Cleveland, Ohio, hosted at UWM Library & West Allis Library

    05-18-06...Slovenian Sing-A-Long at West Allis Library

    06-29-06...Slovenski Oktet Program at UWM Recital Hall

    11-08-06...Dekleva Piano Duo from Slovenia Recital at UWM Recital Hall



    04-13-05...Slovenian Fest featuring Diana Fir of San Francisco & Slovenian Ambassador to US at St. John the Evangelist Church  

    06-13-05...An Evening with Evald Flisar, author from Slovenia



    04-17-04...Slovenian Fest featuring Deseti Brat of Slovenia at UWM



    04-26-03...Slovenian Fest



    06-23-01...10th Anniversary of Slovenia's Independence, UWM Ballroom



     10-14-2000... Piano recital by Veda Zuponcic



    03-30-96...Accordionist Joseph Petric of Toronto, Canada



    06-17-94...Exhibit of paintings by Lillian Brulc / painter & muralist of Lemont, IL.



    01-16-93...Accordion Fest featuring Guy Klucevsek from NYC.



    06-02-91...Dolores Ivanchich Sings

    10-20-91...Dolores Ivanchich Sings



    06-08-90...Concert/Dance featuring Lojze Slak of Slovenia at St. John the Evangelist Church



    10-21-89...First Award of Merit to Leo C. Muskatevc



    04-24-87...Premiere Performances

    05-29-87...Film Maker Andrej Zdravic of Slovenia concert



    04-26-86...Hymn of Joy concert

    06-01-86...First UWM Slovenian Arts Program Festival



    03-17-84...Sacred Concert

    04-14-84...Voice and Piano Concert

    05-12-84...Concert of Chamber Music



     04-04-82...Creation of Slovenian Music Collection at UWM Libraries




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